In the short span of time since inception, Oréll has successfully invested in building and maintaining strategic alliances with numerous organizations worldwide. The trusted relationships we have with these partners are key factors that enable us to provide the finest solutions and support services. Here we highlights Oréll’s unique value proposition to potential alliance partners. Oréll believes that these demonstrate our ability to deliver a unique and strategic advantage that is unmatched by any other IT supplier in the market today.

Oréll has a proven track record of successfully delivering IT solutions to a variety of institutions in the educational domain globally. Additional customer references can be provided on request. Oréll is financially stable, we are in a growth phase, and we have opened international offices in the United States and the United Arab Emirates.. Based on the current schedule, Oréll is set to open regional offices in London and Singapore by the third quarter of 2015. As part of corporate strategy, Oréll continually invest up to 30% of our annual revenues towards enhancing, extending and improving our portfolio of industry leading IT solutions for educational institutions thereby ensuring that our products are current, relevant and durable so as to offer long term value to our customers. This helps to ensure that Oréll’s IT solutions will meet the immediate as well as long term requirements of the customer.

Oréll operates ongoing customer contracts with leading educational institutions across five continents and none of our customers have ever terminated contracts and moved onto other suppliers after signing-up with us. We understand the in-depth requirements, the nuances, and the pressure-points of the education industry and therefore are in a unique position to offer tried, tested and proven IT solutions to customers that are tailored and in tune with the needs of a modern international educational institution. We are an industry leader, this is what we excel in and this is what drives our customers to us. Oréll’s primary focus is in the global education industry.

This is the only area that our technology experts operate in and this brings our clients a wealth of domain expertise that cannot be rivaled anywhere. The proven success of Oréll’s portfolio of IT solutions is reliant entirely on our team of specialists; dedicated professionals with a wealth of experience in developing, implementing and supporting IT solutions for the education industry. Our team constitutes a mix of specialists with over 100 person years of practical IT experience within the education domain having successfully implemented and supported IT solutions at reputed educational institutions in India and abroad. These specialists will work with the customer to ensure that the customer derives maximum value from its investment into Oréll’s state of the art IT solutions. The customer will benefit from the dedicated world class maintenance and support offered by Oréll’s support specialists. Based in India, our international help desk is available to overcome any issues our customers may face and ensures support is delivered in a timely manner. Oréll has the experience of successfully delivering and supporting IT solutions at leading educational institutions in India and abroad. In all cases, Oréll has carried out the implementations within committed budgets and timelines. This in-depth experience has helped Oréll develop highly efficient implementation and support approaches. The customer will benefit from the 'best practice' procedures that Oréll specialists will bring into your project.

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