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Incorporated in 2013, Oréll FZC is the Sharjah- based United Arab Emirates division of the Oréll Group of companies that was setup to exclusively cater Oréll's products, services and solutions to the demands of the Middle East and the African region. Headquartered at Kochi, India and established in 2008 by a close-knit team of nine professionals with extensive experience in the IT sector, Oréll is a global leader in exclusively serving the exacting digitization demands of the education sector.

Absolute team-work coupled with a concrete mission and a vision to reach-out to customers even in remote locations while educating them in the process of winning them over rather than giving just a concentrated sales pitch to marketing our solutions helped us grow in leaps and bounds, all the while the rest of the mighty IT corporations were concentrating on the insurance/financial sectors and were caught-up in the global meltdown/recession.

Innovative and fine-tuned to always attending educational conferences across the country and overseas enabled Oréll to visualize customer-needs well-in-advance and provide the-most-appropriate solutions, which went a long way in not only popularizing our products, services and solutions but also earned us the goodwill of major educational institutions and have stood us in excellent stead at all times. Indeed, this was instrumental in establishing Oréll as a renowned brand worldwide. What started with a working capital of $20,000 is today a $1.50 million corporation in as little as seven years of operations and growing!

Oréll specializes in delivering user-specific customized electronic educational technology in enhancing learning and teaching methodologies. Our specially-trained team of software engineers work hand-in-glove with your faculty in the design, development and implementation of a number of eLearning solutions that help you meet short- and long-term goals effectively. Our state-of-the-art campus management software automates and optimizes the everyday running of an institution. Our web application solutions helps ensure that your institution's website has adequate prominence on search engines helping draw-in target audiences.

At Oréll we strive to provide every technological requirement of an educational institution ranging from small-town high schools to multi-campus universities – a one-stop service provider that is fully-geared to meet your every need effectively on an evolving and long-term basis.


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