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eWrite or online examination software is a completely web-based and interactive student examination platform, which is highly scalable, easy to manage, administer and work on. Administering tests digitally has multiple benefits. Tests can be administered and scored quickly and efficiently. Computerized scoring provides the opportunity for a cost effective method to create better tests beyond multiple choice, including simulations and constructed responses. Getting the result of tests faster can improve instruction as well as expedite rewards and consequences, which can strengthen accountability for learning. Learning management systems, digital curriculum, and online summative and formative assessments have the distinctive capability of collecting real-time data on the progress of each student against learning objectives. Instant feedback for students and personalized analytics for teachers provide the support for continuous improvement and competency-based progress. While conversion to digital assessments requires an initial investment, transitioning to a digital system can save money in the long run.

An added features for multiple choice and descriptive questions ensures efficient working and convenience for the candidates to participate in an exam from anywhere across the globe, in real time, through internet for the already scheduled exams. Subsequently it allows any number of students to simultaneously appear for the exam and view results individually or all of them and the encrypted file format prevents unauthorized access and ensures fairness in the examination results. The exams can be categorised on the level of competency and type of questions. The question banks creation helps in automation of the exam system.


  • Set time limit and date for the exam
  • Generate exams by keying-in subject, number of questions, marks and duration
  • Categorize questions according to subject, topic and types
  • Set difficulty levels –- easy, medium & hard
  • Flag questions to be included /excluded
  • Modify, add and delete questions at any time
  • Questions can be multiple choice, true or false, match the following or as fill-in-the-blanks


  • Students can independently access eWrite online at anytime from anywhere
  • Conduct diagnostic exams, drills, and practice tests in an engaging manner
  • Enables instant electronic reporting of results
  • Record student progress in an online dashboard
  • Administrators/parents can also get results instantly


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