Board of Directors

Corporate governance par excellence has been the guiding light at Oréll, ever since inception. Our Board of Directors, our founding-fathers are distinctly different personalities but with a singularity of vision, remarkable foresight and an incredible ability to seamlessly compliment one another's shortcomings and is indeed one of the greatest assets of the company.

Abubaker Usman

Abubaker Usman is the founder Chairman of Oréll Technosystems (India) Pvt. Ltd. the flagship company of Oréll group of companies. He has over 15+ years in the IT industry. After finishing his college education he was into social work for two years. He started Focus Communications an IT firm of his own after that. “Telemate96” a Business, General, Travel and Tourism Information Package was the prime product of Focus developed by Usman. This product was highly appreciated and received with high esteem in the Global Investors Meet (GIM Kerala) held at Cochin. In the year 2000 Usman and likewise three enterprising people joined together to form a new company, an education software solutions provider. He was the Director Sales and Marketing and also in charge of finance and administration from 2000 to 2007 there. He acquired practical and specialized knowledge in administration, finance and marketing while managing his firm for eight unbroken years. He implemented all this as the Director, Sales and Marketing in his new venture for another seven years.

Usman's decades of years of experience in administration, finance and marketing endowed him with exceptional managerial skills and human relations attributes; a recipe for success for Oréll group of companies. His social accountability and his moral values made him to work for the betterment of the society from his school days and is still continuing on. He was actively involved in the ‘Kerala Total Literacy movement’. Today Mr. Usman is creating value for Oréll and their clients through the assessment, recruitment of top-level management resources, effectively managing resources and ensuring control of operational costs in a broader leadership advisory role.

Saji Varghese

Saji Varghese is the founder director of Oréll Group of Companies and is responsible for the day-to-day global operations and vision of Oréll's traffic monetization business. With over 10 years of hands-on experience in the IT industry, he brings a unique blend of professional competence and skillful entrepreneurial efficacy in leading Oréll. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Physics, Degree in Education and a Master's in Business Management from Mahatma Gandhi University. A pioneering e-Marketing wizard, Varghese was the Technical Director from 2000 to 2007 at an education software solutions provider, where he focused on product development and management of digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) systems, tying together creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including: design, development, advertising, and sales thereby reaping rich rewards.

Equipped with skillful sales and marketing leadership qualities, Varghese's contribution to the stellar growth of Oréll is immeasurable. Prior to joining the IT industry, Varghese was the event coordinator of Jupiter Event Management Company, a Dubai-based firm, who introduced “event management” concept for the first time in India; he was actively involved in promoting successful events in across India, during 1996-'99. His ability to build global sales networks has helped setting up operations and partners for Jupiter across India and Middle East.

Oréll was founded in 2007 by Varghese, along with three like-minded professionals with extensive expertise in delivering innovative IT solutions for institutions of learning. Instrumental in forging strategic partnerships both within the country and abroad, he is most admired for his mature thinking, level-headedness as well as his eagerness to offer support and/or lend a helping-hand to anyone in need.

The driving force behind the A-Team at Oréll, Varghese not only spearheads Oréll's sales and marketing efforts worldwide but is also singularly responsible for keeping alive the team spirit at Oréll - the company's biggest asset.

Executive Leadership

Our executive leadership is the company's backbone or pillar of strength. Highly motivated, appropriately qualified and unanimously committed to explicitly implementing company policies and goals while retaining, mentoring and guiding their team members the management team works in close consultation with the Board of Directors.


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