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Start off with our existing choice of templates or create a custom website design to your mind’s perfection.

Navigation Menu

Our navigation menu allows you to manage all of your links. You’ll have complete and instant control over adding, deleting or editing pages on your website. You can also add/delete animated pictures (Slider) in homepage

Download attachments

With admin credentials, you can add attachment and the user can easily download files from Download Page. Helps you share the application Forms, prospectus and other useful files through this page.

Circular Page

When you have Circulars to distribute, all you have to do is add circular details to this page for limited period of time and there you got all your audience to see it with ease.

Announcement Upload

Got an important announcement? Announcement /notice or results can be uploaded to this section for a short period of time; it will show on all pages like a news ticker.

News Upload

You could add news, and it will display on news page and the latest news will also be displayed in homepage.

Events Upload

You can then upload your events with images to your event description directly onto the website which will go live instantly.


To communicate with the teacher there are feedback forms to assist a parent/guardian to communicate with his/her student's teacher. The communication mail can be received in the school office or to the preferred email id of your choice.

Photo Gallery

Upload and add/delete photos to this section. It comes with the feature of adding group names, and in each group, a set of photos can be added. So the user can easily access these photo albums by clicking the desired group name.

Video Streamer

Upload your videos with ease and include them in content areas to enhance communication with parents and other community members. The user can access you tube video without going to you tube website. The administrator can add you tube video URL to this page that will show on popup window on that page itself.

Management Message

In this page you can post important Management (eg: Principal, Chairman, Director etc.) messages with photo. This message and photo will also display in home page. This comes with the facility to be edited/deleted at your convenience.

Staff Details Page

Here you can upload the names, photos, designations and departments of all your staff and it can be displayed hierarchy wise.

Contact Manager

The website comes with a predefined contact form through which your users may contact you. The users type in their email address and a query in the contact form. They may also enter their name and a subject for the query. When one of your users submits a contact form, you will receive all the information to your email address. Also there will be a feedback form, Communication Address, Email and Google map on this page.

Socially Connected

The one platform to effectively manage your communication between students, parents, faculty and staff. Utilize Email/Text Notifications*, Surveys, Blogs, Twitter and Face book posts to get your message out quickly and efficiently. (*Needs to be bought from Service Providers)

Document Manager

You can store documents, images, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and more in our system. Once the content is uploaded, it can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet.

Secure Hosting and Website Database Back-Up

Take comfort in knowing that your information is always safe and secure and can easily be restored with automatic back up your website, databases, and emails.

Email and Phone support

You get the option of unlimited email ids and also free customer support

Free training

We provide free online training for your School Web Team to get started and streamline things in no time.

Google Search and Analytics

We provide you with two of the most powerful tools from Google for your website. Google Search allows visitors to quickly find information. Google Analytics keeps you updated on your website’s traffic. Get detailed reports for site traffic, length of visit, and most popular content pages.


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