ODLL - Advantages

For the Instructor

  • Listen, Speak, Read and Write (LSRW) Activities - The most effective methodology used for teaching languages.
  • Communicating options for the teacher in text and audio with native accents enhances teaching efficiency.
  • Most effective control on individual students by monitoring their activities remotely and incognito provide total control for the teachers.
  • Incognito individual student monitoring for better understanding of the student’s progress in learning enhances teaching and learning efficiency.
  • Total control over student/group/class wise for the teacher to remotely access their systems provide better management of the lifecycle.
  • Unlimited customized e-lessons creation using video/audio/text saves time for the learners and teachers and enhances efficiency.
  • Assign Lessons according to the learning progress to Individual/Group or all the students enable easy and effective learning for students.
  • Modify pre-loaded lessons to suit class/individual Student needs improves learning and teaching process.
  • Live class environment enable the teachers most effective usage of time.
  • User friendly interfaces save time and makes learning enjoyable.

For Students

  • Listen, Speak, Read and Write (LSRW) Activities - The most effective methodology used for learning languages.
  • Compare/Evaluate/Repeat with original/native accents deliver improved results on learning languages.
  • Review lessons in text/audio/video formats provide quicker learning.
  • Alert options for clarifications with the teacher in-private avoiding inhibitions and encourages easy learning for shy students.
  • Highly effective listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are developed with access to advanced material in text, audio and video formats.
  • Effective group discussions and interactions are provided for easier and effortless learning of languages.


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