CCE Software - Features

Oréll CCE Software is defined as per the guidelines given by the CBSE time to time. Necessary customizations to simplify the operations are provided based on the need and demand projected by the school. Oréll CCE Software is based on all the parameters set by the school and not predefined. This ensures maximum flexibility and scalability of the software. Proper security and validation aspects are taken care to protect the data and avoid unauthorized use and miss-management.

  • System wide settings for all modules and complete control.
  • Creation of multiple Campuses with facility to upload campus logo.
  • Creation of Academic years.
  • Creation of Academic Periods.
  • Creation of Classes with Divisions.
  • Creation of Religion and Caste Category.
  • Creation of Subject Details.
  • Subject Class Assigning.
  • Change Administrator Password.
  • Reset Password for Student, Staff and Parent.
  • User type creation, User rights and privileges.
  • Automated Backup and Restore of database.
  • Creation of School Houses.
  • Online application of students
  • Short listing of eligible students.
  • Quick Admission by entering essential details for on the spot admission.
  • Detailed Admission to capture the remaining details completely.
  • Web cam integration to take photo of students on the spot.
  • Assignment of roll number, admission number and Register Number.
  • Profile Reports of Individual Students.
  • List of Students Report.
  • Student ID card Generation.
  • Student Promotion.
  • Detailed Profiles of Individual Students.
  • History of student’s admission.
  • Attendance details of Individual Students.
  • Examination details, assessments and academic progression of Individual Students.
  • Student’s overall performance including extra-curricular activities.
  • Preparation of student’s academic progress card on selecting the exam.
  • Creation of Transfer Certificate, Conduct Certificate & Bonafide Certificate.
  • Creation of Department & Designation.
  • Online Application of staff.
  • Short listing of eligible applicants.
  • Web cam integration to take photo of staffs.
  • Allocation of teaching subjects and classes.
  • Staff profile of individual staff.
  • Staff Promotion.
  • Staff Relieving.
  • Profile Report of Individual Staff.
  • List of Staff Report.
  • Staff ID Card Generation.
  • Creation of Terms, Exams & Areas.
  • Creation of Assessment Areas.
  • Creation of Descriptors.
  • Creation of Grades.
  • Grade Settings.
  • Assessment Area Settings.
  • Descriptor Settings
  • Scholastic & Co-Scholastic Mark Entry.
  • Attendance Entry.
  • H.P.E Entry.
  • Attendance Report.
  • Generation of Report Cards in CBSE’s CCE format.
  • Generate automatic grading for scholastic & co-scholastic areas.
  • Generate class wise Mark List.
  • Separate Logins for Staff, Students and Parents.
  • Act as a collaboration tool between staff, students and parents.
  • Creation of assignments.
  • Create notes.
  • Create notices to appear on the cyber campus notice board.
  • Enter minutes of staff meeting minutes.
  • View details of PTA committee and meeting minutes.
  • Examination details in form of CBSE’s CCE report card.
  • Online submission of assignments.
  • View notes.
  • View notices on notice board.
  • View PTA Committee details.
  • View list of Top Scorers.
  • View minutes of Staff Meeting.
  • Creation of minutes of PTA Committee.


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