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Administrator module empowers the administrator with complete control of the system. This module has settings applicable to all modules in the system. The administrator can create academic years, campuses, classes, divisions, academic periods, terms, user types, user privileges etc. Using User Rights and Privileges, the administrator can grand or revoke access for user types to each module, as well as to the smallest functions within the modules. Subjects, Classes, Staff, term etc can be assigned to each other. Automated Backup of database can be scheduled. Database can be easily restored from the backups.

  • System wide settings for all modules and complete control.
  • Entry of Campus Details.
  • Creation of multiple Campuses with facility to upload campus logo.
  • Creation of Academic years.
  • Creation of Academic Periods.
  • Creation of Classes with Divisions.
  • Creation of Religion, Caste and Caste Category.
  • Creation of Subject Details.
  • Subject Class Assigning.
  • Change Administrator Password.
  • Reset Password for Student, Staff and Parent.
  • User type creation.
  • User rights and privileges.
  • Automated Backup and Restore of database.


Admittance Management is an efficient web-based user-friendly admission management software for organizing the entire admission process. This module simplifies the student admission, registration process and maintenance of student’s application status and selection criteria settings. It maintains precision, proficiency, and productivity in the management of admission dealing with large volume of data. Its precise tracking of data in a flawless and efficient manner allows the easy retrieval of data and report generation. Admission Management module captures admission details of students. Online Application is available for Parents to apply using the internet. Short listing of eligible students is possible. Details of shortlisted students will be available automatically for admission. During spot admission, Quick Admission can be done by entering essential details. Photo of the students can either be taken on the spot using the inbuilt web cam integration or be uploaded as an image file.

  • Creation of School Houses.
  • Online Application.
  • Short listing of eligible students.
  • Quick Admission by entering essential details for on the spot admission.
  • Detailed Admission to capture the remaining details completely.
  • Web cam integration to take photo of students on the spot.
  • Assignment of roll number, admission number and Register Number.
  • Profile Reports of Individual Students.
  • List of Students Report.
  • Student ID card Generation.
  • Student Promotion.


Scholar Monitor delivers entire details of the student during his/her academic life in the school, beginning from admission time till their TC is issued. Whatever information you search regarding the student will be displayed instantly on your desktop via this module. Thereby, student monitoring becomes an easy task and the school can send alerts to their parents in case of any urgency. Attendance, co-scholastic activities, and other personal records can be closely scrutinized through this multi-functional module. All available sources of information can be intelligently used for more accurate estimate of the student profile. Scholar Monitor is a student monitoring module that integrates all details of students in the school. It is an essential one stop module which delivers up to the minute details of every student. Information of each student is gathered from all modules and displayed here to ease student monitoring. All available sources of information can be intelligently used for more accurate student profile.

  • Detailed Profiles of Individual Students.
  • History of student’s admission.
  • Attendance details of Individual Students.
  • Examination details, assessments and academic progression of Students.
  • Student’s overall performance including extra-curricular activities.
  • Preparation of student’s academic progress card on selecting the exam.
  • Creation of Transfer Certificate.
  • Creation of Bona fide Certificate.
  • Creation of Conduct Certificate.


Workforce Governor is an expert workforce management engine optimized for staff administration. This module helps to add various details of the staff and to extract these details for the effective workforce management. Comprehensive staff search and profile management can be done with the utmost perfection. Teaching subjects, classes’ details can also be scrutinized easily. Incorporating a depository of staff details, Workforce Governor manages every aspects of the school faculty in cost-effective and user-friendly manner. Quick execution based on individual-specific preset criteria makes Workforce Governor a valuable solution for all staff in the school. Workforce Governor Module helps to add various details of the staff and to extract these details for the effective workforce management. It allows entry of staff details, their promotion and relieving. Reports such as Profile report, List of Staff and Identification card can be generated.

  • Creation of Department.
  • Creation of Designation.
  • Online Application.
  • Short listing of eligible applicants.
  • Entry of Staff Details.
  • Web cam integration to take photo of staffs.
  • Allocation of teaching subjects and classes.
  • Staff profile of individual staff.
  • Staff Promotion.
  • Staff Relieving.
  • Profile Report of Individual Staff.
  • List of Staff Report.
  • Staff ID Card Generation.


CCE software offers in-built support for Formative Assessments, Summative Assessments and Term Assessments along with their respective weightage. In addition, the software also has configurable settings where the faculty can add new subjects and indicators, according to the school’s requirement. The entire school data could be easily accessed online with valid credentials. Moreover, CCE report cards can be viewed online as well as downloaded if necessary. All the available reports can be downloaded and exported to multiple formats such as Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF format. The software facilitates the conversion of marks to respective grades, generation of report cards as per the CBSE guidelines, effective management of workflow and functions as a repository for student and teacher data. Report cards can be printed in the prescribed CBSE format along with school logo and personalized student data.

  • Creation of Terms.
  • Creation of Exams.
  • Creation of Areas.
  • Creation of Assessment Areas.
  • Creation of Descriptors.
  • Creation of Grades.


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