eWrite - Advantages & Benefits

This software application helps the instructor to:

  • Set time limit and date for the exam
  • Question paper generation on selecting total number of question, total marks, exam duration, subject and its levels.
  • Questions can be categorized according to Subject, Topic and Types
  • Difficulty level for the questions can be assigned as Easy, Medium & Hard
  • Specific questions can be flagged to be included /excluded in exam
  • Modification in the question is possible at any point of time
  • Status of the question can be changed or deleted if required
  • Question types- Multiple Choice, True or False, Match the following, fill in multiple blanks and Descriptive.

The Logged-in students can attempt tests which are programmed to automatically deliver scores to both the teacher and student instantly at the end of predetermined exam duration. The results generated can be provisioned as instantaneous for ready score which will be displayed to the users. The evaluation results of the users can be viewed in graphical representations which ease the instructor task to assess the progress, incessantly.


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