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The admin mode has an unsurpassed access overriding those of the user modes of the instructor and students. This is assigned for uniformity of assignment and ease of monitoring/administration. Some of Admin controls are:

  • Add Teacher: Add/Edit/Delete instructor and assign classes
  • Add Class: Add/Edit/Delete class and create student list
  • Add Subject: Add/Edit/Delete subject and syllabus
  • Add Institute: Add/Edit/Delete institute
  • Add levels: Difficulty for each level can be set
  • Add Students: Register students
  • Add Group: Add/Delete/Edit Student group for group activities
  • Change group: Group name or members can modified
  • Categorizing of lessons: Lesson can be divided and categorized accordingly
  • Reports: Admin can generate
  • Teacher & Students attendance report
  • Test results


This module primarily offers the privileges of assigning work to the class/students and monitors assignment progress while keeping a track of student attendances and performance. Other tasks include:

  • Create Lesson : Teacher can create different lessons and difficulty levels for each type.
  • Create Exercise : Exercises with different pattern and type can be created and set for students.
  • Allocate Marks : Marks for each question & exercise can be set and instant can be activated.
  • Assign preset lesson patterns : Any lesson pattern like, one word, fill in the blank, matching phrase can be designed.
  • Customize questions : Question can be designed with various mark, type and difficulty level.
  • View results : Exam results can be generated according to class, students or group.
  • Monitor attendance : Attendance of the students can be monitored as report or on screen.
  • Graphical representation : The teacher can generate graphical presentations of students results based on performance.
  • Reports : Teacher can generate the following reports:
  • Question Bank
  • Student progress card-Group & Individual
  • Exam results
  • Student Attendance Report
  • Exam Schedule Report
  • Student wise Performance Report
  • Class wise Performance Report
  • Subject wise Performance Report
  • Exam wise Performance Report
  • Student profile


This module limits accessibility to submission of assignments and receiving scores instantly.

  • View Lesson: The teacher assigned lessons can be viewed and practiced by the students
  • Exercise: After following lessons, students can undergo a practice exercise and test their level of knowledge.
  • Instant score: Students get the result of the exercises & tests in a fraction of time
  • Assignment: Students assignments are viewed downloaded & Uploaded under this feature.
  • Homework: Teacher uploaded homework can be downloaded & used and later uploaded by the students.


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